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Navigating Human Resources
Let us help you establish compliant human resources processes and programs that are sustainable and allow you and your team to take the wheel and steer your organization in the right direction.
Top 5 Small Business HR Mistakes
1)  The hiring process is overly hasty

2)  Employees are misclassified

3)  Employee Handbook is outdated (or doesn't exist)

4)  Employee Training takes a back seat
5)  Performance issues are not documented
How we can help...
Small business owners need to spend their time concentrating on their core business while managing their resources.  

JEB Consulting helps small businesses establish effective, efficient and complilant Human Resources business processes, identify services, onboard vendors and implement technology.

Our goal is to establish a solution that is:

FLEXIBLE; HR solutions today need to be ready to meet the next change.  We can help you establish a framework that provides levers which can be moved based on new regulations, laws or business objectives.

SUSTAINABLE; You need a solution that you and your team can support once the solution is implemented.  We can work with your and your team to provide efficient effective solutions that are simple and user friendly to ensure your company can support it ongoing.

AFFORDABLE; Our programs can be modified to fit your needs and budget.  We can support one time, short term or long term projects as well as retainer engagements.

Our HR expertise includes developing and implementing the following:

  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • Succession and Talent Management Solutions
  • Employee Engagement 
  • Leadership/Management/Supervisor Development
  • Human Resources Compliance (Policies, Employee Handbooks)
  • Job Structure / Compensation Structure
  • Benefits Programs to include Vendor Selection and Annual Enrollment
  • Training and Development Programs

Program implementation includes documenting processes, identifying external vendors and implementing technology.

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